给妈妈的一封信 A Letter to Mother 专题 5篇

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8 Zhongshan Road Guangzhou Feb. 15, 1990 Dear Mamma, How about you and my father? I arrivedin Guangzhoulast Friday safely,butthe journey wasnotpleasant. The train was crowded and dirty, and I was terribly tired when I got here. After a sho

给妈妈的一封信 A Letter to Mother 1

8 Zhongshan Road
Feb. 15, 1990
Dear Mamma, 
      How about you and my father?
     I arrived in Guangzhou last Friday safely, butthe journey was notpleasant. The train was crowded and dirty, and I was terribly tired when I got here. After a short rest, I feel quit good now.
Uncle’s family are all very well. They were very happy to see me and theyare all kind to me. Cousin Wei Ping is really warm-hearted, and he has been showing me around the city these days. We have many things in common so that we can talk to each other all the day.Tonight Wei Ping and I are going to a concert. We both like the star very much.I’m sure we’ll have a good time.
Guangzhou is a beautiful city, and a bustling one as well. Life here is busy,but exciting and colourful. I love the way people work and live here and I hope to have a chance to work and live in this city when I grow up.
Uncle and Aunt send you my love.

Truely yours






给妈妈的一封信 A Letter to Mother  2

Dear mother,
How’s everything going at home? I miss you and dad very much.
I am pretty good in school, so you and dad do not have to worry about me. I am a senior student in high school so that I am busy with my study all the time. I work hard to prepare the college entrance examination and I think I do a great job now. Teachers care much about me and when I have problems, I always ask them. They encourage me very often, considering that I can go to the university I dream of. Of course, I take good care of myself in life. I build good relationships with my friends and classmates, which makes me happy to be with them.
Please take good care of yourselves at home. I love you.
Truly yours,

写给妈妈的感恩信Letters to Thanks Mother  3




Such is sons‘ nature,I really do not know how to express my thanks to you.However,I can imagine,on the day 18 years ago,when you gave birth to me,what a complex feeling you had.In the past few years,every day you struggle me up in the morning and prepare breakfast for me,then in the afternoon,you always welcome your only son with delicious foods after a day‘s hardwork.Now your son has been 18 and will go to university soon,like a bird is leaving its parents.Nevertheless,your footprints on my heart will never ever fade and-----I love you mum!


your son




Dear mother :

I am writing to express my deepest thanks to you in Mother"s Day, dear mother ,you devote all of your energy and blood to our.You do not have any complaint about my brother and I.You love our through various different approaches such as study ,work and life ,consquently ,our held on the belief that the mother is only lover. please accept our appreciate again.
I hope that you have happiness everyday!



My dearest Mother,

The mother‘s day is coming and I would like to say "Happy mother‘s day" in this letter. I love you and thank you so much for everything you did for me. This day, I will stay away and can‘t give you my appreciation at home. I know I will watch myself, so don‘t worry about me. I am doing very well on my study. My schoolmates and teachers are all very nice. Though I can‘t be at home, I hope you have a wonderful mother‘s day.

Your son



给妈妈的一封信 A Letter to Mother 5

Dear Mom,


  Can you imagine that I’m now in the United States, a country so different from China? Everything is new and interesting! I made some friends on the trip over and they have been very kind and helpful. Still, you know how much I miss you and your cooking? My mouth waters at the mere thought of those delectable Chinese dishes you prepare. Last night, my friends invited me to dinner. They had some strange ways of describing their hunger. For instance, there was“I’m starving to death”,“I’m famished”, and“I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse”, which has a similar expression in Chinese; I’m sure you know the one. How about“I’m making a pig of myself”! A little confusing, hmm? Anyway, this stuff may be useful to you as an English teacher, so I’m also sending a tape. You can listen to our conversation and hear some real modern American English.

 您能想象出我在美国这样一个与中国有着种种不同的国家里是如何生活的吗?这里所有的事情都是那么新鲜有趣。我现在交了许多新朋友,他们人很好,给了我很多帮助。但是,我仍然想念您,想念您做的饭菜。一想到那些饭菜,我就忍不住要流口水。好在我有一些朋友,上星期他们邀请我去学校附近的一家餐馆吃了一顿,我发现他们形容饿的方法很有意思,我得花点时间去熟悉熟悉。比如如果觉得饿了,我一般会说:“I’m so hungry”。(我很饿)可是,他们有很多古怪的说法。像:“I’m starving to death.”“I’m famished.”(我饿死了)等等。最有趣的一句是“I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse.”(我饿到可以吃下一只马了)中文中有一句类似的话,我肯定您是知道的。还有一句话理解起来可能就有些困难了----“I’m making a pig of myself!”是不是有点糊涂了?不管怎么说,您在中国教英语,这些东西可能会有用。所以随信寄去一盘磁带,好让您听一听我们的交谈,了解一下“真正”的现代美国口语。

  Your loving daughter,





给爸爸妈妈的信 A Letter to My Parents 6


Dear Mum and Dad,


  I’m writing to you in Beijing.


  I’m very happy to visit Beijing again. To my surprise, great changes have taken place here recently.


  Today I went to Wangfujing Street. Now the streets are cleaner and nicer than before. There are many flowers everywhere and there is a fine smell of the flowers in the air. There are more new buildings, modern shops and large markets in it. People in Beijing are happy. Everyone has a smile on the face.


  I know they are working hard for the 2008 Olympics. I hope they will have a good luck.